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Boxes Plugin for October CMS

Boxes is the first fully featured visual page builder for October CMS. It will change the way you build Websites.

A plugin by OFFLINE

Integrates with every theme and every plugin

Boxes is built around the common October CMS paradigms.

You can use every existing theme and plugin with just a few lines of additional code.

Responsive design made easy

The intuitive visual editor allows any user to quickly build fully responsive websites.

Thanks to the responsive design mode, every screen size is just a click away.

Stay organized

The powerful content organisation feature in Boxes adapts easily to your requirements.

Built-in ecosystem support

Boxes works with many of your favourite October CMS plugins out-of-the-box. You can even use it as an editor in your own plugins.

Integrations for RainLab plugins and Tailor are ready to go.

No special skills required

To use Boxes, you don't have to learn a new framework or programming language.

All it takes to get started is a single YAML file.


Boxes is a premium October CMS plugin

You can buy a plugin license directly on the October CMS Marketplace.

Standard License

$99 /project

The standard license includes all available features.

  • Fully featured visual page builder

  • Access to discussions on GitHub

  • Request features

  • Lifetime plugin updates


Contact us

The plugin is heavily discounted for OpenSource projects and non-profit organisations.

  • Same feature set as a paid license

  • Any non-profit and OpenSource project qualifies

  • The project number is not limited


All features at a glance

Boxes provides many features and integrates with many October CMS plugins out-of-the-box.

Visual page builder

Build websites in a visual fashion using the visual page builder

Fully integrated

Integrates with any existing theme or plugin with just minimal additional code required


Support for RainLab.Translate is baked in by default

Respects the plugin ecosystem

Integrations for RainLab plugins like Pages and Sitemap are available


Fully extendable using the usual October CMS extension methods

Fully documented

All features are documented with real-world code examples

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question has not been answered in this section, feel free to contact us at boxes@offline.ch

Why is this plugin not free?
Developing and maintaining a high quality plugin takes time. Releasing Boxes as a paid plugin makes sure we are committed to developing the plugin further and to keeping it up-to-date.
I feel the plugin is too expensive. Can I get a discount?
We firmly believe in value based pricing and think the value Boxes provides is well worth its price. There are occasional promotions on the October CMS website where the plugin is available at a discount.
Does it really work with every plugin and theme?
Yes! Boxes follows the usual October CMS paradigms. You can integrate any theme partial and plugin component with the plugin. Keep in mind that some basic YAML configuration is required, though.
Are there any special offers for OpenSource projects or non-profit organisations?
The plugin is available at a discount for OpenSource projects and non-profit organisations. Contact us at boxes@offline.ch with a short description of your project to claim your copy.
Can the Boxes plugin be used as a content editor in my custom plugin?
Yes! The Boxes Editor is implemented as a form widget and can be used with any model.
Can the Boxes plugin be used as a content editor in Tailor?

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